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How to Get the Best Spc Flooring?

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SPC flooring is a widely used new floor covering material, which is widely welcomed in Europe, America, and Asia Pacific markets. However, with the rapid popularity of SPC flooring in China, the quality of SPC flooring in the market varies and is mixed. In the face of many SPC flooring brands, how selecting the best SPC flooring in many products is a problem in front of consumers. Next, we will introduce the SPC flooring pit avoidance guide, to teach you how to identify the quality of SPC flooring.

Here is the content list:

  • Identify by color

  • Identify by touch

  • Identify by smell

  • Identify by light

  • Identify by measuring thickness

  • Identify by breaking the latch

  • Identify by tearing the color film

Identify by color

The quality of SPC flooring is mainly discerned by the color of the substrate. The color of the pure material is beige. The mixed material is gray, cyan, and white. The recycled material is gray-black, black. The cost of materials can be divided into many grades.

Identify by touch

The substrate of SPC flooring feels fine and hydrated. The SPC flooring of recycled and mixed materials feels dry and has no sense of hydration. After two pieces of SPC flooring splicing, we need to feel to identify the flatness and fit are good.

Identify by smell

There are individuals with very poor SPC flooring that will only have a little smell. Most of the SPC flooring containing recycled and mixed materials can still do without odor.

Identify by light

When shining a cell phone flashlight against the SPC flooring, a good SPC flooring has good light transmission. SPC flooring with mixed and recycled materials is not light-transmitting or has very poor light-transmitting properties.

Identify by measuring thickness

It is best to use calipers or micrometers to measure the thickness of the SPC flooring if we have conditions. The actual thickness is about 0.2mm more than the marked thickness in the normal range. For example, if the thickness of SPC flooring that a regular manufacturer mark is 4.0mm according to the production standard, the actual thickness of SPC flooring should be about 4.2 mm because we also have to add the thickness of the wear-resistant layer and UV layer. If the actual measurement is 4.0 mm, the thickness of SPC flooring is about 3.7 mm, which is commonly known as cutting corners. Other links we do not see can be imagined as what this manufacturer can do.

Identify by breaking the latch

In the edge of the SPC flooring mother button part, that is, the part of the latch leaks out more, forcing to break the latch to. Poor quality SPC flooring will break with a force not very big. No matter how big the strength, the pure new material SPC flooring is not easy to break.

Identify by tearing the color film

This is not easy to operate. We need to destroy the combing in the corner part, and then tear the color film layer with the substrate part of the SPC flooring, to see the bonding strength of the color film layer with the substrate. This determines whether the SPC flooring is easy to peel in the next few years of use. The bonding strength of pure new material is the biggest, other second. If it is not possible to operate, it does not matter. Because basically through the above steps, we can judge whether it is the best SPC flooring.

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