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Influencing factors of SPC flooring price

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When choosing SPC flooring, many people are concerned about SPC flooring prices. They want to get the most cost-effective SPC flooring at the lowest price. But in fact, many factors affect SPC flooring prices. Next, we will introduce five factors that influence SPC flooring prices.

Here is the content list:

  • Substrate

  • Thickness

  • Surface treatment process

  • Brand

  • Other influencing factors



The first factor influencing SPC flooring price is the substrate. In the production process of SPC flooring, the highest cost of use is the substrate layer. The quality of the substrate layer directly determines the quality of the SPC flooring. For example, we can see uniform, thick, dense wood fibers in the high-quality SPC flooring substrate cutting. And the fiber color is a natural wood color, so the price will be more expensive. So the quality of the substrate directly affects the price of laminate wood flooring.


The second factor influencing SPC flooring price is the thickness. Generally two kinds of SPC flooring, 8mm, and 12mm, are more common. And the price of 12mm thick SPC flooring will be more expensive than 8mm thick SPC flooring.

Surface treatment process

The third factor that affects SPC flooring price is the surface treatment process. From the characteristics of SPC flooring, there are crystal surface, embossed surface, locking, silent, waterproof, and so on. For example, the silent footing is really good, so it will be more expensive. The price of SPC flooring with the process of antique, relief, or parquet. is tens of dollars higher than the price of flat SPC flooring.


The fourth factor that affects SPC flooring price is the brand. From the appearance, it is difficult to distinguish the quality of SPC flooring unless it has been tested for quality. Therefore, we recommend consumers buy branded products. For example, well-known brands like Osher usually pass the market operation test and establish a good image in consumers' minds. The brand can guarantee not only the quality of SPC flooring products but also future service. Cheap SPC flooring maybe 20 or 30 RMB per square meter cheaper than branded flooring, but its utility and service life may only be 1/2 or even less than branded flooring. And the cheap SPC flooring lacks environmental protection and an after-sales service guarantee.

Other influencing factors

In addition, the factors that affect the price of SPC flooring include the environmental rating, surface wear-resistance rpm, colored paper, quality of wear-resistant paper, and so on. When buying SPC flooring, remember the old lesson of cheap goods.

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