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Installation of Vinyl Pvc Flooring

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Vinyl PVC flooring is the more popular flooring material on the market. It not only has a beautiful appearance, but also has abrasion resistance, stain resistance, flame retardancy and fire resistance. So how should the newly purchased vinyl PVC flooring be installed? Next we will introduce it specifically.

Here is the content list:

  • Cutting

  • Pasting

  • Venting

  • Slotting

  • Welding seam


Whether the vinyl PVC flooring is in rolls or sheets, it should be left on site for more than 24 hours to allow the vinyl PVC flooring material memory to revert. The temperature should be consistent with the construction site. Use the special trimmer to cut and clean the raw edge of the coil material. When the block material is laid, the two pieces of material should be close to each other and no seams. When the coil is laid, the lap of two pieces of material should be cut with overlap. Generally it is required to overlap 3 cm. Note to maintain a cut.


Select the corresponding glue and scraping board suitable for vinyl PVC flooring. When the coil is laid, roll and fold the end of the coil. First clean the floor and the back of the coil, and then scrape glue on top of the floor. When the block material is laid, please turn up the block from the middle to both sides, also clean the ground and the back of vinyl PVC flooring and then glue on the sticky. Different laminating agent in the construction of the requirements will be different, so please refer to the corresponding product instructions for construction.


After the vinyl PVC flooring paste, first use cork block to push the surface of the floor for leveling and squeeze out the air. Subsequently, use 50 or 75 kg steel pressure roller to evenly roll the vinyl PVC flooring and promptly trim the warped edge of the splice. Vinyl PVC flooring surface excess glue should be wiped away in a timely manner. 24 hours later, then slotting and welding seams.


Grooving must be done after the glue has fully cured. Use a special groover to groove along the joints of the vinyl PVC flooring. For a strong weld, the grooves should not penetrate the bottom. The recommended grooving depth is 2/3 of the floor thickness. please use manual groover to groove the seam with the same depth and width in the end part where the groover cannot groove. Before welding, the residual dust and debris in the groove must be removed.

Welding seam

The seam of vinyl PVC flooring can be welded with either a manual welding torch or automatic welding equipment. Squeeze the welding rod into the open groove at an appropriate welding speed at an even rate to ensure that the rod melts At the time the rod is semi-cooled, use a rod trimmer or moon cutter to cut away the part of the rod that is above the plane of the vinyl PVC flooring. When the electrode has cooled completely, use the electrode leveler or moon cutter again to cut off the remaining raised portion of the electrode.

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