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Introduction of Floor Plastic Sheet

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Floor plastic sheet is flooring made of plastic material. Many people will be concerned about how many types of floor plastic sheet can be divided into and what features it has. Next, we will describe the floor plastic sheet in detail.

Here is the content list:

  • Classifications of floor plastic sheet

  • Features of floor plastic sheet

Classifications of floor plastic sheet

1、Floor plastic sheet can be divided into two types of blocks and rolls according to their state of use. In the process of using the block, if there is a partial breakage, we can partially replace it without affecting the appearance of the whole floor plastic sheet. But more seams will cause slower construction speed. And the coil material is a fast laying speed and fewer seams. For thicker rolls, we can lay them directly on the substrate without adhesive. However, the partial breakage of the coil is inconvenient to repair, while all the replacement waste a lot of materials.

2、Floor plastic sheet can be divided into hard, semi-rigid, and soft three according to its material. Soft flooring is mostly rolled material, while hard flooring is mostly block material. China mainly produces semi-rigid flooring, and foreign countries mostly produce resilient flooring.

3、Floor plastic sheet can be divided into two kinds of single-color and compound colors according to its color. Single-color flooring is generally produced by the new method, so the price is slightly higher, and there are about 10 to 15 colors.

4、Floor plastic sheet can be divided into several kinds according to its basic raw materials, such as polyvinyl chloride plastic, polyethylene plastic, and polypropylene plastic. Since PVC plastic has better flame resistance and self-extinguishing properties, plus its performance can be changed by changing the number of plasticizers and fillers added. Therefore, PVC floor plastic sheet is currently the most widely used.

Features of floor plastic sheet

1、First, waterproof and non-slip. The surface of the floor plastic sheet is a high-density special structure, and simulation of wood grain, marble grain, carpet grain, granite, and other grain. It encounters water more astringent and is not slippery, so the home paving can be lifted in the elderly and children's safety concerns.

2、Second, the quality is light. The weight of floor plastic sheet after construction is 10 times lighter than the weight of wood flooring after construction, 20 times lighter than the weight of tile after construction, and 25 times lighter than the weight of stone after construction, so it is most suitable for high buildings of more than three floors, office buildings, and other places. It can reduce the bearing weight of the building, and safety is guaranteed, and easy to carry.

3、Third, the construction is convenient. Floor plastic sheet construction does not need cement sand, wood, or earth, and it only needs special glue paste paving, so fast and easy. There are many kinds of floor plastic sheet products, including rock, stone, marble, and wood grain series, and they can be freely matched, saving time and effort.

4、Fourth, good flexibility. Floor plastic sheet has a special elastic structure and can resist impact. And it has a suitable footing, which can provide the highest guarantee for the family's daily life.

5、Fifth, easy to maintain. Floor plastic sheet can be scrubbed normally with a water mop. If there are stains, it can be cleaned with an eraser or diluted rubbing test.

6、Sixth, fire retardant. Floor plastic sheet passed the fire test. Leave the fire source it is automatically extinguished, so safety is guaranteed.

7、Lastly, acid and alkali resistance. Floor plastic sheet has passed the professional instructions test, moisture, insects, not afraid of corrosion.

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