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Maintenance of Pvc Parquet Flooring

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After the construction of PVC parquet flooring is completed, it can be directly used normally. In the process of daily use of PVC parquet flooring, in addition to the necessary maintenance, some details also need to pay attention to.

Here is the content list:

The purpose of maintenance

Maintenance precautions

The purpose of maintenance

1、First, to improve the appearance. To remove in time the dirt produced in daily use, so that the PVC parquet flooring fully reveals its extraordinary appearance and natural gloss.

2、Secondly, to protect the floor. To protect the PVC parquet flooring from accidental chemicals, cigarette marks, shoe prints, oil, water, etc. To minimize the mechanical wear and tear of the surface, so that the durability of the PVC parquet flooring itself can be brought into full play, thus extending the service life of the PVC parquet flooring.

3、Third, for easy care. Because of tight surface structure and special treatment of the PVC parquet flooring itself, paying attention to daily maintenance can make PVC parquet flooring easier to care for and extend the service life.

Maintenance precautions

1、All kinds of dirt on the ground of PVC parquet flooring should be cleared in time.

2、It is forbidden to immerse PVC parquet flooring in open water. Although some floors use waterproof rubber to isolate the water source, the PVC parquet flooring long time being soaked in water will seriously affect the service life of the floor. the cleaning process of PVC parquet flooring timely use of water absorbers to suck up the sewage.

3、Shorten maintenance intervals and increase the number of waxes applied to high-strength surfaces in high-traffic and high-wear areas.

4、Prohibit the use of hard, rough cleaning utensils, and prevent sharp objects from colliding with PVC parquet flooring.

5、It is highly recommended to place scuffing mats at the entrance of public places with high traffic flow to prevent tarnishing and scratching PVC parquet flooring by bringing in dirt and grit.

6、It is strictly forbidden to scratch the ground of PVC parquet flooring with sharp objects during use, such as sharp objects and blades.

7、Although PVC parquet flooring has certain corrosion resistance, when there are corrosive chemicals or drugs spilled on the flooring, they should be removed promptly to avoid deeper corrosion of the flooring;

8、The dirt such as oil stains spilled on the PVC parquet flooring should be removed in time because the increase in the dirt will reduce the friction of the ground and easily cause injury.

9、Although the PVC parquet flooring is fire retardant in the B1 level, we still need to avoid cigarette burns on the floor surface coating, to prevent PVC parquet flooring deeper damage.

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