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SPC flooring meaning and characteristics

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SPC flooring, also known as Stone Plastic Composite, is a new type of high-quality, high-tech developed flooring material. SPC flooring is gradually becoming a mainstream product in decorative materials. Understanding the meaning and characteristics of SPC flooring is undoubtedly the best reference for how to select SPC flooring. Next will introduce SPC flooring meaning and characteristics.

Here is the content list:

SPC flooring meaning

1、SPC flooring, to put it simply, is flooring that can be laid directly on the ground without going through the process of nail installation, painting, and so on. It can be paint-free, nail-free, and keel-free.

2、The main material of SPC flooring is calcium powder polyvinyl chloride stabilizer composed of composite flooring is also a new type of material, that is, calcium powder. In this process after plasticizing and extruding sheets, SPC flooring has good wear resistance and decorative properties. And it has no formaldehyde substances or metal substances, which belongs to a healthy, green, environmentally friendly field flooring.

SPC flooring characteristics

1、The first characteristic of SPC flooring is thermal conductivity and warmth. SPC flooring has uniform heat dissipation, good thermal conductivity, and a small coefficient of thermal expansion. Therefore, it is more suitable for home paving, especially for pre-buried geothermal heating grounds in cold areas.

2、The second characteristic of SPC flooring is acid and alkali corrosion resistance. The surface of SPC flooring has special protective treatment and has strong acid and alkali corrosion resistance.

3、The third characteristic of SPC flooring is the variety of colors. SPC flooring has a wide variety of colors, such as carpet patterns, stone patterns, wood floor patterns, and so on. It can even achieve personalized customization, and the grain is realistic and beautiful. With colorful attachments and decorative strips, it can be combined to produce a beautiful decorative effect.

4、The fourth characteristic of SPC flooring is easy installation. SPC flooring can be installed and constructed without the use of other building materials based on a flat floor and can be cut at will with a hobby knife. Its maintenance only requires daily cleaning, and the number of maintenance is much lower than that of traditional flooring materials.

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