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SPC flooring meaning and composition

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The virtually indestructible construction of SPC flooring makes it ideal for commercial and high-traffic environments. So what is the meaning of SPC flooring? And what is SPC made of? Next, we will introduce SPC flooring meaning and composition.

Here is the content list:

  • SPC flooring meaning

  • SPC flooring composition

SPC flooring meaning

1、The first is about the origin of SPC flooring. People usually call SPC flooring for stone plastic flooring, which is a very popular foreign new composite flooring.

2、The second is about the characteristics of SPC flooring. SPC flooring has a limestone support layer, PVC powder, and stabilizer, higher density than intensive LVT flooring. SPC flooring is also a very safe flooring, because it does not use solvents or harmful adhesives, nor does it use any substances that may release harmful volatile compounds VOC into the air.

3、The third is about the raw material of SPC flooring. SPC flooring is mainly made of calcium powder.SPC flooring is a practical and beautiful flooring. Its overall composition is divided into several layers. The basic material layer is a composite material formed by mixing stone powder and some polymeric thermoplastic materials and then extruding it at high temperatures. The addition of stone powder makes it stronger, and the addition of thermoplastic material makes it a certain toughness.

4、The fourth is about the thickness of SPC flooring. With a rigid core, the thickness of SPC  flooring will no longer matter. With SPC flooring, manufacturers have created ultra-thin, ultra-strong floors. Luxury SPC flooring with a rigid core is specially manufactured to be ultra-thin and lightweight. It is usually no more than 8 mm thick.

SPC flooring composition

1、SPC flooring generally consists of four layers. From top to bottom, they are the UV layer, wear-resistant layer, printed color film layer, and a polymer substrate layer.

2、The first layer of SPC flooring is the UV layer, which is a coating formed by UV oil cured by a curing agent to prevent the volatilization of chemical substances in the board by UV light.

3、The second layer of SPC flooring is the wear layer. Just like traditional vinyl flooring, SPC flooring has a wear layer that acts as a bodyguard to help protect the floor from dents, scratches, and so on. The thicker the wear layer, the more protective the SPC flooring will be. SPC flooring is available in two thicknesses of the wear layer, including 0.33 mm and 0.5 mm. The 0.5 mm SPC flooring wear layer is known to provide greater protection and sturdiness.

4、The third layer of SPC flooring is the printed color film layer. SPC flooring is a printed vinyl substrate that makes the vinyl almost identical to natural materials, such as stone and wood. Various wood grain, stone grain, and carpet grain decorative layers are available to meet the different needs of different occasions and tastes.

5、The fourth layer of SPC flooring is the polymer substrate layer. The substrate layer of SPC flooring is a composite sheet made of stone powder and thermoplastic polymer material after mixing well and then extruded at high temperature, which has the characteristics of both plastic and wood. Therefore this floor has good toughness and strength.

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