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SPC flooring price

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In recent years, with the development of the flooring industry, there are more and more types of flooring in the market. Among them, SPC flooring is a new type of flooring product. However, when purchasing, we can find that the price of SPC flooring varies greatly. Next, we will talk about the SPC flooring price and the reasons for the SPC flooring price difference.

Here is the content list:

l The reference price for SPC flooring

l Reasons for SPC flooring price difference

The reference price for SPC flooring

1、In production, SPC flooring uses microcrystalline stone, and its market reference price is between 38 yuan and 55 yuan per square meter.

2、The price of SPC flooring with a more prominent waterproof function is between 30 yuan and 45 yuan per square meter.

3、Stone plastic SPC anti-slip flooring price is between 45 yuan and 50 yuan per square meter.

4、Fireproof SPC flooring, which belongs to the modern style, is suitable for use in schools, shopping malls, and hospitals. Its market reference price is 42 yuan and 60 yuan per square meter.

5、In the production process, stone plastic locking SPC flooring uses PVC material, and its market reference price is between 40 yuan and 60 yuan per square meter.

6、For the SPC flooring snap type, the performance of tear resistance is very good, so its market reference price is 45 yuan to 60 yuan per square meter.

7、Here is a warm tip. The above SPC flooring price is from the network, only for reference.

And it can not be used as the final purchase price.

Reasons for SPC flooring price difference

1、The first reason is that the materials are different. As a kind of composite flooring, the choice of different materials of SPC flooring also determines the price of the product. High-quality SPC flooring generally has a surface UV layer, a wear-resistant layer, a printing layer, and a substrate layer. Each material in different layers has its advantages and disadvantages.

2、The second reason is that the workmanship is different. Heat-pressed SPC flooring is more expensive. The price of glued SPC flooring is relatively low. The thickness of the wear layer of SPC flooring also determines its wear resistance. And the thicker the thickness of SPC flooring, the more wear-resistant materials are invested in the product. This means that the higher the cost of input, the price is higher, and vice versa.

3、The third reason is that the brand is different. As we all know, the price of the product will affect the added value of its brand. The higher-priced SPC flooring also has a better guarantee of its products and services.

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