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Characteristics of Luxury Vinyl Flooring

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Luxury vinyl flooring is probably the most popular flooring material in the market today. So, what is luxury vinyl flooring? What are its characteristics? Next, we will introduce it in detail.

Here is the content list:

  • Brief introduction of luxury vinyl flooring

  • Characteristics of luxury vinyl flooring

Brief introduction of luxury vinyl flooring

1、Luxury vinyl flooring is a kind of PVC flooring, which belongs to the semi-rigid sheet plastic resilient flooring. The internal structure of luxury vinyl flooring generally includes a UV paint layer, wear layer, color film layer, and LVT medium substrate layer. Generally, the middle substrate is three layers of LVT compounded together.

2、Luxury vinyl flooring style diversification, imitation material workmanship exquisite realistic, such as wood grain, stone grain, brick grain, and other kinds of textures that are natural and not repeat.

3、Luxury vinyl flooring has become universally recognized for use in residential homes and commercial locations. We often see luxury vinyl flooring in new homes, healthcare facilities, schools, and hotels. There is no doubt that luxury vinyl flooring is available in a wider variety of styles and colors, and is very easy to install and maintain. Luxury vinyl flooring can be designed and made to imitate almost any style. Among them, stone and wood grain are the most popular.

vinyl floor vinyl flooring

Characteristics of luxury vinyl flooring

1、First, luxury vinyl flooring is green and formaldehyde-free. Its main raw material is luxury vinyl resin, which is natural and environmentally friendly, 100% free of formaldehyde, lead, and benzene. It has no heavy metals and other substances, no soluble volatiles, and no radiation.

2、Second, luxury vinyl flooring is waterproof, moisture-resistant, anti-slip, anti-bacterial, and anti-mold. Its main raw material, vinyl, has no water affinity, so it will not become moldy in a humid environment. Its wear layer has a special anti-slip property, which will become astringent when it meets water, so it is not easy to slip. Its surface will be antibacterial and stain-resistant, so it can inhibit the reproduction of bacteria. Most indoor spaces can use luxury vinyl flooring, so it has wide applicability.

3、Third, luxury vinyl flooring has good performance of heat dissipation and conduction, so it is the first choice of flooring for underfloor heating as it conducts heat evenly and quickly. Moreover, luxury vinyl flooring is very comfortable and elastic, which can disperse the pressure on the soles of the feet. Under the impact of heavy objects, luxury vinyl flooring can also be elastic recovery.

4、Fourth, luxury vinyl flooring is super wear-resistant and has a flame retardant function.  Luxury vinyl flooring has a layer of transparent wear-resistant layer processed by high technology on the surface, and the wear-resistant rpm is about 9000. Depending on the thickness of the wear layer, the luxury vinyl flooring can be used for 10-50 years. It also has very good fire retardant properties and cannot spontaneously combust. It also does not burn without producing toxic and harmful gases. The use of luxury vinyl flooring in public spaces is also very suitable.

5、Fifth, luxury vinyl flooring color fashion, style, and three-dimensional grip pattern. The colors of the luxury vinyl flooring are the latest fashion models that are popular in these two years. It also has a three-dimensional scratch pattern on the surface, completely imitating the real wood floor.

6、Sixth, the luxury vinyl flooring installation, and maintenance are very convenient, without spending too much manpower, and financial resources.

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