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Classification of SPC Laminate Flooring

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In modern life, many people will use SPC laminate flooring. So, how many types of SPC laminate flooring are there? Next. We will talk about the classification of SPC laminate flooring.

Here is the content list:

  • Classification by thickness

  • Classification by specification

  • Classification by surface coating

Classification by thickness

1、SPC laminate flooring is divided into thin and thick the thickness, which is about 8mm more and 12mm or so.

2、In terms of environmental friendliness, thin SPC laminate flooring is better than thicker ones, because thin SPC laminate flooring uses less glue per unit area. The density of thick SPC laminate flooring is not as high as that of thin one, and the impact resistance is worse than that of thin one, but the footing is better. The difference between the two is not much. These two thicknesses of SPC laminate flooring quality are no different, and the key is to see the personal choice.

Classification by specification

1、In terms of specifications, it can be divided into standard SPC laminate flooring, wide plank SPC laminate flooring, and narrow plank SPC laminate flooring. The width of standard SPC laminate flooring is roughly between 191mm and 195 mm. Its lengths are around 1200 mm and 1300 mm. The wide plank SPC laminate flooring has a length of roughly more than 1200 mm and a width of about 295 mm. Narrow plank SPC laminate flooring has a length between 900mm and 1000 mm. Its width is basically around 100 mm.

2、The standard SPC laminate flooring specification is adopted by most European industries. Our SPC laminate flooring also uses the standard specification.

3、The wide board SPC laminate flooring specification was invented by our SPC laminate flooring processors themselves to meet consumer demand. The advantage of the SPC laminate flooring specification of the wide board is that it looks generous and the gap of the floor is relatively small. Most of the wide board SPC laminate flooring is thickened, with about 12 mm. The general surface of the decorative paper is domestic, with color changes, and more flexible.

4、Narrow board of SPC laminate flooring specifications are also our specialty. The price is cheap and the stability is good. The four sides are made into V-groove, and the thickness is about 12mm. Implemented in the market in less than a year, very popular.

SPC laminate flooring

Classification by surface coating

1、In terms of surface coating, SPC laminate flooring can be divided into aluminum trioxide, melamine, and piano lacquer finish.

2、The standard SPC laminate flooring surface should all contain aluminum trioxide wear-resistant paper. It has 46 grams, 38 grams, 33 grams, and lower, directly on the decorative paper sprayed aluminum trioxide. 46 grams of wear-resistant paper flooring surface wear-resistant rpm should be more than 6000 rpm. 38 grams of wear-resistant paper wear-resistant rpm can reach 4000-5000 rpm, 33 grams lower. SPC laminate flooring's wear-resistant rpm is relatively low, and its material cost is relatively low because its wear-resistant degree is low and the tool cost during processing is also low. On the contrary, the cost of SPC laminate flooring with a high wear-resistance number is much higher.

3、Melamine surface coating is generally used for wallboard or tabletop board, where the wear resistance is not high. It has only 300-500 revolutions of wear resistance. If the intensity of use is high, the decorative paper on the S surface will wear out after two or three months. The standard SPC laminate flooring will not have such a problem even after 10 years of normal use. This type of flooring decorative paper without a wear-resistant layer on top, the pattern is good-looking and clear and smooth to the touch.

4、The wear resistance of SPC laminate flooring with piano lacquer surface coating is far from the one with surface coating with aluminum trioxide because it has low wear resistance.

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