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Construction And Installation Of Cheap Vinyl Flooring

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The adhesion and installation of vinyl flooring have certain requirements for the ground, air temperature, and humidity. The construction situation directly affects the effect after the completion of paving. Next, we will detail the construction and installation of cheap vinyl flooring.

Here is the content list:

  • Adhesive installation basic requirements

  • Adhesive installation base treatment method

  • Laying method

Adhesive installation basic requirements

Before the installation of cheap vinyl flooring, the grass-roots levelness within 2m does not exceed 2mm. The compressive strength of concrete or cement mortar is not less than C20 (20Mpa), and the maintenance period is greater than 28 days. The surface hardness is more than 1.2Mpa. The moisture content of the grass-roots level does not exceed 4%. The combination of leveling layer and its next layer should be solid, there should be no hollow drum, cracking, sand, honeycomb, or other defects. The most suitable ambient temperature for the installation of cheap vinyl flooring is 15℃ to 25℃ and the air humidity is 45% to 60%.

Adhesive installation base treatment method

When installing cheap vinyl flooring, use a grinding machine to sand the ground as a whole to remove isolated substances and clean up the ground dust with a vacuum cleaner. Then test the grass-roots levelness. 2m inspection tape 2mm height difference is qualified grass-roots level. The leveling material is generally selected from cement-based self-leveling material. Before paving cheap vinyl flooring, there must be a self-leveling surface grinding treatment and remove the self-leveling surface floating slurry, to reveal a dense and clean surface.

Cheap Vinyl Flooring

Laying method

1、Before cheap vinyl flooring enters the construction site, each box of flooring is placed flat on the grass-roots level to be paved for more than 24 hours under compliant indoor temperature conditions. Then lay the flooring according to the design drawings and pattern texture corresponding to the flooring model.

2、Plan the cheap vinyl flooring modulus. According to the parquet pattern or texture, direction order gradually implements pre-paving. Select the appropriate scraping strips according to the condition of the base and the structure of the cheap vinyl flooring backing. Choose A2/A3 scrapers for the cement-based self-leveling substrate.

3、A scraper of about 21 cm width with A2/A3 scrapers is used to evenly scrape the adhesive on the cheap vinyl flooring paving area. Then the glue body will dry to the drawing state to pave the floor.

4、Each scraping area needs to ensure that the cheap vinyl flooring is glued within the constructible time. Do not scrape large areas. The scraped glue should be left to dry for a long time. If you exceed the working time of the glue and then pave the cheap vinyl flooring, it will lead to the failure of the cheap vinyl flooring.

5、The workable time of cheap vinyl flooring varies according to the ambient temperature and humidity, and the absorption of the substrate. Loss of adhesive transfer capability means that the workable time is over.

6、After the cheap vinyl flooring is finished, it should be exhausted with a cork pusher and rolled again with an iron roller or rolled several times. The edges of cheap vinyl flooring need to be rolled with a small hand-held roller.

7、Cheap vinyl flooring edges contaminated with adhesive are removed promptly with a moist rag.

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