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Construction Process of Pvc Floor Tiles

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After the purchase of PVC floor tiles, construction is also an important part. The construction process of PVC floor tiles mainly includes substrate treatment, self-leveling construction, placing the line, installation, seam welding, and cleaning up the site. Next, we will introduce it specifically.

Here is the content list:

  • Substrate treatment

  • Self-leveling construction

  • Placing line

  • Installation

  • Seam welding

Substrate treatment

First, in the wall, ceiling and doors, windows, and other installation is completed, we need to have the PVC floor tile surface debris cleaned sweep. Second, clear the surface of the grass-roots sand, oil, leftovers, etc. Third, clean up the surface of the PVC floor tile dust, and sand. Fourth, the PVC floor tile surface after a thorough cleaning clean evenly rolled once the interface agent is.

Self-leveling construction

First, check whether the cement self-leveling is in line with the relevant technical standards. The expired self-leveling shall not be used. Second, pour the appropriate amount of self-leveling into the dissolver, and dilute the self-leveling with clean water according to the PVC floor tile product instructions. Third, fully stir until the cement self-leveling into a fluid. Fourth, the sequence of self-leveling was poured on the construction floor of PVC floor tiles and then scraped with a rake scraper. The thickness is about 2-3mm. fifth, after the construction of self-leveling, no pedestrians should be allowed to pass and stack items within 4 hours.

Placing line

First, according to the design pattern, rubber flooring specifications, room size, etc., make the grid and bullet line positioning. Second, pop out the center cross line or diagonal line on the base, and pop out the parquet sub-block line. Third, pop out the parquet line on the wall. The line must be clear and accurate. Fourth, PVC floor tile paving before the line dry row, pre-spelling, and PVC floor tile numbering.


First, the first PVC floor tile grass-roots level with a hair sweep or dry towel wipe once, to clean in addition to dust. Second, level the ground to meet the laying requirements. Then the adhesive will be evenly brushed on the grass-roots surface with a tooth-shaped scraper. Pave the panels in order from inside to outside. One or a construction surface is paved with a roller or push plate to pressurize the dense. Third, after PVC floor tiles are paved, according to the temperature situation to judge whether the sticky clean agent is dry and clean, and then the plate seam welding.

Seam welding

First, the edge of the two adjacent PVC floor tiles will be cut into V-shaped grooves before welding. Adopt the welding rod with the same composition as the welded plate, and then use the hot air torch to adjust the temperature to 180 to 250 degrees, and then weld. Second, after the welding rod is cooled with a spatula will be higher than the PVC floor tile excess welding rod shovel cut flat. The operation should be careful not to shovel injured PVC floor tiles.

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