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How To Identify The Quality Of Flooring From Some Spc Flooring Manufacturers?

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SPC flooring is one of the most popular floorings in recent years, not only because the appearance of the atmosphere is upscale, colorful, and suitable for various occasions of laying. Its inherent advantages are also highly regarded, and it has been listed and has been favored by the majority of consumers. But with the SPC flooring attention, the quality of SPC flooring on the market is also mixed, not only destroying the status of SPC flooring in everyone's heart but also letting the people in the decoration process annoyed. Next, we teach everyone a few tricks to identify the quality of SPC flooring.

Here is the content list:

  • Look at the overall plate of SPC flooring

  • Look at the latch

  • Look at the SPC flooring substrate

  • Look at the anti-slip properties

  • Look at the waterproofness

  • See whether wear-resistant and scratch-resistant

  • Look at the stain resistance

  • Look for certification

  • Look at the manufacturer

Look at the overall plate of SPC flooring

A quality SPC flooring board as a whole must be regular, and straight on all sides. Each corner is 90 °, with no deformation, no warping, and clear surface texture.

Look at the latch

Locking is an important part of SPC flooring. Qualified SPC flooring latches must be intact. Locking design is also scientifically designed, uniform lines. SPC flooring after laying tightly without height difference.

Look at the SPC flooring substrate

Good SPC flooring substrate must be produced after a scientific and reasonable ratio. SPC substrate cross-section without impurities and flat, and must be the use of new raw materials, never use back material production.

Look at the anti-slip properties

Good SPC flooring is astringent in water. When wet, it has higher friction. The SPC flooring anti-slip test method is to sprinkle the right amount of water on the floor, and step on it with your foot, to feel the friction of SPC flooring.

popular SPC floorings

Look at the waterproofness

SPC flooring has very good waterproof and moisture resistance, water bubble does not swell, and not deformation, in the case of high humidity will not be moldy. We can soak the SPC flooring in water and observe the change in the floor. Good quality SPC flooring will not be deformed, peeling, or corrosion.

See whether wear-resistant and scratch-resistant

Good quality SPC flooring has a high coefficient of scratch and wears resistance. Whether the family moves the furniture, pulls the table and chairs, children pull the toys, or the paws of the pets kept at home, these will not cause damage to the floor, and there will not be any scratches.

Look at the stain resistance

Good quality SPC flooring stain resistance. For example, the surface of the SPC flooring of Osher is easy to clean with special technology and special UV coating. It can easily fight eight stubborn stains, including iodine, fruit stains, red wine, blood stains, milk stains, oil stains, shoe stains, and rice stains. These can be easily removed and cleaned and renewed.

Look for certification

Good SPC flooring usually can successfully pass the relevant product quality testing certification and obtain the certification certificate. After the product has been authoritatively certified, the quality is more guaranteed.

Look at the manufacturer

When buying SPC flooring, be sure to find a strong manufacturer like Osher. The quality inspection of the products of strong manufacturers is usually more stringent. And they will improve product features, and technological innovation, to provide consumers with high-quality products.

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