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How to Install Vinyl Plank Flooring?

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Unlike tile, vinyl plank flooring can be applied directly to a plywood subfloor without the need for concrete backing. Next, we will explain how to install vinyl plank flooring in detail.

Here is the content list:

  • Preparation before installation

  • Specific installation steps

Preparation before installation

Before installing vinyl plank flooring in the kitchen, please sink the heads of all nails and screws underneath the subfloor surface and scrape off any old adhesives or other imperfections.

Specific installation steps

1、Use a hammer to tap the base plate or the flat pry bar behind the quarter circle. Then gently pry the trim away from the walls around the room.

2、Push out about an inch of kraft paper from the skirting board along one edge of the kitchen. Use a 4-inch strip of masking tape every three feet along the edge to adhere the paper to the vinyl plank flooring. Cut the paper off the end of the floor with scissors. Nail the paper down one inch from the edge of the wall. Push out a second strip of kraft paper, overlapping the first strip by three inches. Adhere the second strip of tape to the first strip. Continue adding strips until the kraft paper covers the entire vinyl plank flooring, one inch on each side.

3、Place one leg of the box flat on the vinyl plank flooring and against the skirting board. Then use a pencil to mark the other side of the leg on the paper. Extend the markings around the perimeter of the vinyl plank flooring so that one continuous pencil marks the width of the frame square and away from the edge of the vinyl plank flooring.

4、Lay out the vinyl plank flooring in a larger room or outdoors and make sure it is facing up. Carefully remove a large piece of the kraft paper template and place it on the vinyl plank flooring. Adhere the template to the vinyl plank flooring to hold it firmly in place.

5、Draw lines on the kitchen paper in the same manner as in step 2 and place the frame square against the lines on the paper template. Use the outer edge of the frame square as a guide and mark a cut line on the paper for the vinyl plank flooring, then use the washable marker. Work around the template until the marked cut line is complete.

6、Place a piece of scrap plywood or heavy cardboard under the vinyl plank flooring. Then use a sharp hobby knife to cut the vinyl plank flooring along the cut line. Move the plywood while protecting the floor underneath.

7、Roll up the vinyl plank flooring and lift it into the room. Lay out the vinyl plank flooring without any adhesive to check for fit. Use a hobby knife to make any adjustments to the edges to ensure a tight fit.

8、Roll up the flooring on one half of the vinyl plank flooring and peel that half back to the rest of the flooring. Apply an even coat of vinyl plank flooring adhesive according to the manufacturer's instructions. Apply the adhesive to the exposed half of the subfloor. Use a notched trowel to cut slots in the adhesive.

9、Pull the vinyl plank flooring back into place and press it onto the adhesive. Pull back the other side and apply adhesive. Use a notched trowel to make slots in the adhesive. Press the vinyl plank flooring into the back half of the floor.

10、Roll over the entire vinyl plank flooring to remove any imperfections, then use a floor roller to embed the vinyl plank flooring into the adhesive.

11、Place any skirting boards or quarter-round trim back on the bottom of the wall. If there are no skirting boards or trim, apply a thin coat of tub and tile caulk around the room between the vinyl plank flooring and the wall.

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