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Installation Requirements for 5mm Spc Flooring

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It is often said that 5mm SPC flooring has high requirements for the construction ground, so what exactly should be noted? Today we will specifically explain the installation requirements of 5mm SPC flooring.

Here is the content list:

  • Installation ground requirements for 5mm SPC flooring

  • Installation precautions for 5mm SPC flooring

Installation ground requirements for 5mm SPC flooring

1、First, the construction of 5mm SPC flooring has high requirements for the base. The good or bad ground affects and determines the construction effect and use performance of 5mm SPC flooring.

2、Second, because 5mm SPC flooring is non-natural material, it has high requirements for grass-roots flooring. 5mm SPC flooring must be flat, solid, and dry at the grass-roots level when it is laid.

3、The third is the basic requirements of the ground. The surface of the cement floor must not have the phenomenon of sanding.

4、The fourth is the hardness of the ground. The volume ratio of cement and mortar of the flat layer should be less than 1:3. It is required to use big factory cement. Cement concrete strength grade is not less than C20. Surface hardness should not be less than 2mpa. We have to use a sharp runt to quickly cut and file the ground to test the hardness of the surface, with no marks or grooves. ‍

5、The fifth is the smoothness of the ground surface. When installing a 5mm SPC flooring, the surface of the ground foundation should be smooth and flat. Use the mason's iron trowel to collect and smooth the mortar layer when it is not dry.

6、The sixth is the ground crack. When installing a 5mm SPC flooring, the ground foundation settlement shall not exceed the width of 1mm cracks, such as the generation of gaps.

7、The seventh is ground compactness. When installing a 5 mm SPC flooring, the ground surface shall not be too rough, and shall not have too many pores, not to mention holes and pits. The surface of the ground should be smooth and polished.

8、The eighth is the ground surface moisture. When installing 5mm SPC flooring, the ground base moisture content is less than 8%, and the ground surface is kept dry before construction.

9、The ninth is the ground elevation. The height of the bottom edge of the door from the ground will not affect the opening of the door due to the flooring.

10、Finally, there should be no cross-construction during the self-leveling construction and floor pasting. Ensure that any other work does not cause damage to the self-leveling and flooring. For more beautiful paving, it is better to do a layer of self-leveling.

Installation precautions for 5mm SPC flooring

1、First, pay attention to the issue of compartmentalization. 5mm SPC flooring is generally laid in a continuous length of 5 to 10 meters or 50 square meters. Beyond this range, it is necessary to add pressure strips for partitioning. ‍

2、Second, pay attention to the expansion joints. About 4 to 10mm expansion joints should be reserved between 5mm SPC flooring and the wall. The greater the distance of 5mm SPC flooring paving, the wider the expansion joints are reserved to prevent thermal expansion and contraction. To keep the width of the expansion joint consistent, wedges of the same thickness can be fixed to the wall. When installing 5mm SPC flooring, it is sufficient to make the edges of the flooring tight against the wedges. ‍

3、Third, pay attention to the loss. 5mm SPC flooring loss varies according to the size and shape of the room. Generally speaking, the loss of the room square and large is small, less than 5% in total, generally 3 to 5%. The loss of 5mm SPC flooring in rooms with shaped structures is likely to exceed 5%.

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