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Maintenance Tips for 5 Mm Spc Flooring

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Although 5mm SPC flooring has many advantages, it requires careful maintenance in daily life to keep the flooring as good as the new one, otherwise, it will affect the effectiveness of the flooring. Next, we will introduce a few tips on how to use 5mm SPC flooring in daily maintenance.

Here is the content list:

  • Keep the room temperature balance

  • Keep the room dry and clean

  • Avoid heavy and sharp objects scratching

  • Regular professional care every year

  • Absorb dry in water and avoid exposure to the sun

  • Keep indoor air circulation

Keep the room temperature balance

Prolonged exposure to strong sunlight or sharp rise and fall of temperature in the room may lead to premature aging of 5mm SPC flooring, which should be avoided as much as possible. Therefore, we should try to maintain a balanced room temperature.

Keep the room dry and clean

The room should not be too dry or too wet, so we have to wipe it with a twisted rag for daily cleaning. If there are stubborn stains on top of 5mm SPC flooring, do not use acidic or alkaline cleaners to wipe repeatedly, which will easily lead to surface painting or degreasing. It is recommended to use special cleaning supplies for cosmetic flooring to clean 5mm SPC flooring.

Avoid heavy and sharp objects scratching

In daily use, pay attention to avoid heavy metal sharps, glass porcelain tiles, shoe nails, and other hard objects from scratching the 5mm SPC flooring. We can stick a layer of rubber on the bottom of furniture that needs to be moved frequently.

Regular professional care every year

To maintain the beauty of 5mm SPC flooring and extend the life of the surface, we have to choose different cleaning and maintenance products depending on the oil or paint. We recommend contacting the store where we purchased your 5mm SPC flooring and arranging for professional in-home care.

Absorb dry in water and avoid exposure to the sun

In case of accidental large-area flooding or local prolonged flooding, please inform the staff who sells 5mm SPC flooring in time. Remove the flooring, take out the floor well to place 5mm SPC flooring, and let it dry naturally. It is strictly forbidden to use electric heaters to dry 5mm SPC flooring or expose it to sunlight.

Keep indoor air circulation

If the place where 5mm SPC flooring is installed is not in use for a while, the indoor air should be kept circulating. It is not allowed to cover 5mm SPC flooring with plastic paper or newspaper so that the surface paint film will not be sticky and lose its luster for a long time.

The above is about the maintenance tips for 5 mm SPC flooring. We hope that it is helpful. And if you want to know more information about our 5mm SPC flooring, please consult us. The website is Zhejiang Oushe Home lmprovement and New Materials Co.,Ltd is a building materials company, and its main products are SPC floors, WPC floors, LVT floors, ABA floors, and so on.

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