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Method of installing SPC flooring

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Now many users who are interested in SPC flooring are concerned about the installation of SPC flooring. Next, we will introduce the specific method of installing SPC flooring.

Here is the content list:

  • Formal installation steps

  • Clearance processing

Formal installation steps

1、Before installing SPC flooring, the floor needs to be unpacked and placed according to different textures to try out the laying effect.

2、To try to install the first row of SPC flooring starting from the side of the room by the door. To prevent the natural expansion of SPC flooring, an expansion joint of 4 to 10mm should be reserved between the wall and SPC flooring. Then the side with tongue and groove will face outward and join the special padding block.

3、First, press the male groove completely into the female groove and insert the long side of the SPC flooring by pushing 45 degrees diagonally from outside to inside. Next, press the short side of the male groove completely into the female groove and push it inward diagonally in the same way. Then continue to install the other SPC flooring using the above method to extend the first floor.

4、Note that when installing the last SPC flooring in the first row, we need to take the floor first to measure the remaining part, and SPC flooring in reverse. Room door frames and other shaped processing must be careful and careful, first mark and then cut.

5、When installing the second row of SPC flooring insert the short side of the convex tenon into the groove of the previous row of flooring, and gently insert the long side of the convex tenon into the corresponding SPC flooring groove.

6、When there is a gap, you can use a rubber hammer to assist in the laying of SPC flooring.

7、When installing the last row of SPC flooring closing, choose the material head splicing or cut with the whole board according to the demand of self. After the installation of SPC flooring, we also have to walk back and forth to ensure that the SPC flooring as a whole is not loose, there is no sense of overhang, and there is no abnormal sound when stepping on it.

8、SPC flooring paving is completed without abnormalities and will be reserved for expansion joints at the special pad to be taken out.

9、Then install the skirting of SPC flooring. Skirting should be pressed around the balance of the membrane and the excess membrane with a razor blade to scratch off. Installation of skirting must be done when the yin and Yang corners can not have fallen off. The gap between the skirting board and the door frame cannot be greater than 2.0 mm. the gap between the skirting board joints cannot be greater than 1.0 mm. and the skirting board interface height difference cannot be greater than 1.0 mm. When installing solid wood skirting, the wall drilling height to be consistent, that is, 500 mm distance apart, and shall not damage the pipeline within the wall. The nail holes of the skirting must be made up with the same color putty to make it beautiful and flat.

10、Then install the buckle of SPC flooring. First, we need to confirm the installation position of the buckle and measure the size of the buckle. The installation requirement of the buckle is perpendicular to the door sleeve. The screws are tightened, and the fasteners are stable without rattling. And it should be bonded firmly, and ensure beauty.

Clearance processing

1、After installing SPC flooring, the remaining loose boards must be packed and bundled to prevent scratches.

2、Organize the laying tools and restore the position of the items. Clear away the construction garbage and do not pile construction garbage in the customer's room, doorway, and so on.

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