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PVC Floor Tiles Features And Buying Tips

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PVC floor tiles are the more common type of flooring on the market. So what are the features of PVC floor tiles? What do we need to pay attention to when buying? We will answer these two questions in detail next.

Here is the content list:

  • Features of PVC floor tiles

  • Tips for buying PVC floor tiles

Features of PVC floor tiles

1、Firstly, the installation and construction are quick and easy to maintain. PVC floor tile installation and construction is relatively quick because it can be used after 24 hours of installation. PVC floor tile is easy to clean, maintenance-free, and not afraid of water immersion, oil, dilute acid, alkali, and other chemical substances. Cleaning PVC floor tiles with a wet mop can save time and effort. After the installation of PVC floor tiles without waxing, only need daily maintenance, PVC floor tiles can be kept shiny and clean as new.

2、Secondly, they have a wide range of applications. Due to the unique material and super performance of PVC floor tiles, coupled with easy installation, fast construction, reasonable prices, and high security, they are widely used in offices, schools, hospitals, pharmacies, sports venues, entertainment occasions, shopping plazas, restaurants, hotels, and other public places and individual families.

3、Thirdly, the foot can feel comfortable. PVC floor tiles can ensure a comfortable footing, close to the carpet, ideal for use in places with the elderly and children. While people walk on hard flooring materials when their foot feeling is poor, and walking for a long time will be sore and damage the foot bones.

4、Fourthly, they are environmentally safe. The main raw materials of PVC floor tiles are PVC material and calcium carbonate. They have long been used in large quantities in people's daily lives, such as water pipes, tableware, medical infusion tube bags, etc, which are green products strongly advocated by the state.

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Tips for buying PVC floor tiles

1、First, use the sense of smell. When choosing PVC floor tiles, smell them with our nose. If there is a pungent smell on the PVC floor tiles, they are probably poor quality PVC floor tiles, which are likely to contain formaldehyde, or the formaldehyde content exceeds the standard. Formaldehyde can damage human organs and has a long release period.

2、Second, use visuals. The quality of PVC floor tiles can be judged by color, pattern, floor surface, etc.

3、Third, use tactile sense. Feel the PVC floor tiles with your hands, or feel the comfort and flatness of the floor with your feet. If the floor is uncomfortable, unstable, and not slippery, it belongs to the inferior PVC flooring.

4、Fourth, use the sense of hearing. Good quality PVC floor tiles have good sound insulation. When choosing a floor, we can try to walk on it to determine the sound insulation effect of PVC floor tiles. If the sound insulation effect is poor, it belongs to the inferior flooring.

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