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Which Places Is Spc Waterproof Flooring Suitable For?

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The main component of SPC waterproof flooring is composed of a wear-resistant layer, mineral rock powder, polymer powder, and so on. It is naturally not afraid of water. SPC waterproof flooring will not be damaged as long as it is not soaked for a long time. It's a new type of flooring and a wide range of applications, SPC waterproof flooring has replaced the wood floor and tile. SPC waterproof flooring is currently on the market as more cost-effective flooring, which everyone can use with confidence. So, which places is SPC waterproof flooring suitable for? Let us introduce ourselves.

Here is the content list:

  • Olympic indoor installation paste

  • Household

  • Elderly activity center and hospital activity areas

  • Office areas

  • Retail areas

  • Schools

waterproof spc flooring

Olympic indoor installation paste

SPC waterproof flooring is stronger than traditional wood and laminate flooring, more beautiful than tile, and warmer to the touch. So it can let Chinese and foreign athletes have a more comfortable space, suitable for Olympic indoor installation paste.


Any qualified SPC waterproof flooring needs to go through IS09000 international quality system certification as well as ISO14001 international green certification. SPC waterproof flooring in the bathroom can effectively reduce the risk of slipping.

Elderly activity center and hospital activity areas

SPC waterproof flooring has certain antibacterial properties, so it is suitable for paving in an environment with high requirements for sterilization and disinfection, such as hospital operating rooms, senior activity centers, and so on.

Office areas

SPC waterproof flooring has a sound-absorbing effect that cannot be compared with ordinary flooring materials, and its sound-absorbing performance can reach 15 to 18 decibels. So it is more commonly used in environments that need quiet, such as offices, school libraries, lecture halls, theaters, and so on.

Retail areas

SPC waterproof flooring is durable. If you want SPC waterproof flooring to maintain a continuous brightness, we only need to wax once a year, and the maintenance frequency is much lower than other floorings. SPC waterproof flooring is available in a variety of colors, including carpet patterns, stone patterns, wood floor patterns, and so on., which can be personalized and customized. The pattern is realistic and beautiful, with colorful attachment materials and decorative strips. And it can be combined with a beautiful decorative effect, suitable for all kinds of public places.


In the choice of flooring, what schools consider most is safety. It is necessary to consider whether the floor is anti-slip, fireproof, waterproof, resilient, and so on. Therefore, SPC waterproof flooring is also more commonly used in large, medium, and elementary schools.

The above is about the applicable places of SPC waterproof flooring. We hope it will be helpful to you.If you want to know more about our SPC waterproof flooring, please consult us. And the website is

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