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Management system certification

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OSHE home has passed the ISO management system certification again, and the standardized management has reached a new level

Recently, OSHE home has successfully passed the quality management system certification GB / t19001-2016 / is09001:2015, the environmental management system certification GB / t24001-2016 / is014001:2015, and the occupational health and safety management system certification IS0 45001:2018

In recent years, Osher home has continuously optimized its own management mechanism and implemented the relevant policies of quality management, environmental management and occupational health management system, which has been unanimously affirmed by certified experts.

As a high-tech enterprise, OSHE home has set up a municipal standard technology R & D and testing center, which has the product development ability synchronized with the international level, the leading production technology, and the advanced management and service ability. In terms of management, it practices standardization, standardization and systematization in depth to provide customers with high-quality, high-level and more professional products and services.

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Our mainly products are SPC floor, WPC floor, LVT floor, ABA floor etc. 
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