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From Showcase To Collaboration: Our Triumphs at The Buildings Show

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As a passionate building materials company, we participated in this year's THE BUILDINGS SHOW held in Toronto, Canada, with anticipation and excitement. Looking back on this journey to the building materials exhibition, we deeply feel satisfied and rewarded. In this stage filled with innovation and vitality, we not only showcased the strength of our company but also discovered more opportunities for future development.


During this exhibition, we presented a series of products including SPC flooring, WPC wall panels, SPC wall panels, grilles, outdoor flooring, outdoor wall panels, etc., which received widespread admiration. We were fortunate to share our innovative ideas and technological advantages with industry colleagues. With enthusiasm, we introduced the unique features of our products and exchanged insights into technological innovation. These interactions made me deeply feel that this exhibition served as a platform to gather wisdom and experience, allowing us to collectively explore new trends in the industry and embrace its transformation – akin to a grand celebration in the building materials sector.


What is particularly gratifying is that through this exhibition, we not only secured a series of potential orders but also established close connections with potential partners. This exhibition is not just a platform for product display; it is also a crucial opportunity to enhance cooperation and drive development.

In the future, we will continue to strive for innovation, making even greater contributions to the prosperity of the building materials industry!

Our mainly products are SPC floor, WPC floor, LVT floor, ABA floor etc. 
As an outstanding company of building decoration industry.


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